About Us

FairTech Engineering is a division of FairTech Ltd. The company is operated by Patrik Mühlematter, Director, supported by a team of specialists who will help you identify and implement measures on how your company can move forward with today's technological advancements.

We use a systematic approach adapted to your needs and requirements which will help you lower your costs long-term with any of your High-Tech, Clean Energy or Special Missions projects.

Our team of fully qualified and experienced Specialists will provide you with the best possible service and final outcome.

Originally from Biel-Bienne, Switzerland, Patrik Mühlematter currently resides in Malta with his wife and children, and spends 95% of his time travelling around the world to satisfy his customer's demands.

Fairtechengineering.com is a website of:
86 Merchants Street
VLT 1177
VAT Number: MT2125-3431

Phone number: (+356) 213 81 135